Medway Community Centre
Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1DY
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It is strongly recommended that you get most of your travelling done the night before and stay in accommodation either in Bakewell itself or Matlock, Buxton, or Chesterfield.

While Bakewell has a hotel and pubs offering accommodation, the more affordable options will likely be the Premier Inns located in Matlock, Buxton and Chesterfield. Matlock and Buxton are only a 20-minute drive from Bakewell. Chesterfield is about 30 minutes. For details on getting busses to Bakewell from these places (and back again in the evening), see below.

By Train/Bus

The town with a train station and the best bus route to/from Bakewell is Matlock, accessible from Derby Station. Buxton is accessible from Manchester and is the closest option for players approaching from the west side. Chesterfield is the biggest and easiest train station to get to, but is further from Bakewell than Matlock and Buxton.

Bus timetables and recommended busses for the Saturday are below. Note that there is only one bus back to Buxton after the tournament ends. If you want to stay in Bakewell longer for some post-tournament dinner and a drink, there’s always the option of a later bus (except Buxton) or taxi.

Matlock-Bakewell (sixes, trentbarton)
Matlock to Bakewell (morning): Take the 8:00am sixes bus from Matlock Bus Station to Bakewell, arriving at 8:28am.
Bakewell to Matlock (evening): Take the 7:35pm sixes bus from Bakewell to Matlock, arriving at 7:54pm.

Buxton-Bakewell (Transpeak 3 Bus Timetable)
Buxton to Bakewell (morning): Take the 7:28am from Buxton Market Place to Bakewell, arriving at 8:12am.
Bakewell to Buxton (evening): Take the last bus of the day back to Buxton at 7:28pm, arriving at 8:00pm.

Chesterfield-Bakewell (170 Bus Timetable)
Chesterfield to Bakewell (morning): Take the 7:50am 170 bus from Chesterfield Station to Bakewell, arriving at 8:44am.
Bakewell to Chesterfield (evening): Take the 7:45pm 170A bus from Bakewell to Chesterfield, arriving at 8:26pm.

By Car

Bakewell sits halfway between Manchester and Derby on the A6. The venue is only a minute from where this road passes through Bakewell, but please allow extra time for traffic because the town is a popular tourist destination and can get very busy on weekends. This tends to be worst before Bakewell Bridge on the north side of town, where cars turn off the road towards the town’s largest car park.

Please note that the venue has limited parking (around 8-10 spaces) and will be first-come-first serve. If you require on-site parking due to a disability, we can reserve a spot for you. This can be requested on the registration form.

Arriving from most directions, the most convenient public car park will be Bakewell Bridge Car Park (click for Google Maps pin), which is open 24/7, is only a 5-minute walk from the venue, and costs £6 for the whole day. You can pay online from your phone using their webpage: click here. Be sure to click the “Over 4hrs/All Day £6” option.

For other car parking information in Bakewell, click here.

Warning! The popular Smith Island Car Park closes at 6pm and is gated, so do not use this car park!